CDS Framework Toolkit

The CDS Framework Toolkit allows engineers to leverage the power of SELinux when designing and implementing cross domain solutions without requiring that they have in depth knowledge of the complex details of underlying SELinux security policies. In particular the CDS Framework Toolkit provides the following benefits to CDS developers on SELinux systems:

  • An integrated development environment for creating security policy
  • Graphical representation of information flow for developing security policy
  • A high-level language for specifying architectures focused on the information flow goals of the particular cross domain solution

The CDS Framework Toolkit makes development of cross domain solutions on SELinux faster, simpler, and more intuitive.

The CDS Framework Toolkit includes the following features:

  • Graphical interface for developing security policy
  • Custom high-level language for CDS policy development
  • Ability to graphically represent security archetecture
  • Language syntax highlighting
  • SELinux policy generation

See CDS Framework whitepaper Lessons Learned Developing Cross-Domain Solutions on SELinux

The image below shows the top level window of the CDS Framework Toolkit.