Open Source Software at Tresys

Open Source Tools and Technology Sponsored by Tresys

This Open Source Software site provides a home for collaborative software development of tools and technology sponsored by Tresys Technology. Many of the projects originated in the R&D division at Tresys. Other projects, such as the Security Enhanced Linux Project, started elsewhere but are now hosted here.

We invite contributors to be a part of the effort. From the project list below, choose a project and browse the current activity.

Projects hosted on

Projects hosted on other sites

Tresys contributes to numerous open source projects. Some of these projects started on but have moved elsewhere. These moves were the result of community feedback. Folks wanted to see the projects merged into Red Hat's Fedora distribution which we see as a vote of confidence in the software we developed and a chance to ensure broader adoption of the technologies. Please check out our projects at their new online homes.

Other projects we help with in the security community

While we maintain several open source projects we are also contributors to several other projects maintained by other members of the security community.

Retired projects

As an organization focused on the cutting edge we occasionally shelve projects. Sometimes things just don't pan out as we expected. We learn from each and every experience and feel these projects provide value, if only through lessons-learned. They are no longer maintained but since we learned from our experiences we want to share the knowledge with the community so we list them below.