[refpolicy] PyXML requirement for refpolicy

Christopher J. PeBenito cpebenito at tresys.com
Fri Oct 31 14:21:22 UTC 2014

On 10/30/2014 6:05 PM, Nicolas Iooss wrote:
> Refpolicy INSTALL file says that PyXML is required for building [1].
> However I haven't got this library on my system and things are working
> well so I'm wondering what I am missing. A simple "git grep import"
> shows "from xml.dom.minidom import parse, parseString" in
> support/sedoctool.py [2] but the xml module has been part of Python
> since Python 2.0 (according to 2.6 doc [3]) so this is not PyXML.
> Moreover PyXML main page says this library is no longer maintained [4].
> Is PyXML still a requirement of refpolicy and if not, is it possible to
> remove it from the INSTALL file?

I believe you are correct that it can be removed.  These things should
work, to verify:

* 'make conf' will yield doc/policy.xml, which will validate against
doc/policy.dtd. The makefile already validates, so this checks out.
* doc/policy.xml should have all of the xml docs from throughout the policy
* 'make html' should get all the html interface docs

If that all works, then we can update the INSTALL and other
documentation to replace PyXML with Python 2.0 in the dependency list.

Chris PeBenito
Tresys Technology, LLC
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