[refpolicy] ANN: Reference Policy contrib repository

Dominick Grift domg472 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 16:12:10 CDT 2011

Op 12-9-2011 22:45, Daniel J Walsh schreef:

> AS we move to this new format, I would suggest we require multiple at
> least 2 ACKs to get a policy update.  I don't think Fedora team should
> just dump our policy into the contrib without having someone review it.
> Dominick Grift has done a lot of work in this space and if he would be
> willing to help that would be great.
> Anyone else who would like to volunteer.  I think Miroslav and I have
> to work to get the Rawhide/F16 policy based off the new structure and
> then make the Fedora policy available for others to begin acking.

Sure, i will be willing to review patches. Where should they be sent to
for review? This list?

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