[refpolicy] bluetooth-applet not showing up in the panel

Chris Richards gizmo at giz-works.com
Tue Dec 28 13:23:08 CST 2010

On 12/28/2010 10:39 AM, Dominick Grift wrote:
>> yeah nothing is showing up in the logs i.g.
>> /var/log/Xorg,messages,user.log, etc...(no audit daemon running), and
>> semodule -DB has already been done)
> strange indeed becuase if it works in permissive mode but not in
> enforcing mode then i would suspect its selinux preventing access. In
> that case avc denials *should* be visible. either in dmesg ,
> /var/log/messages /var/log/xorg.log /var/log/audit/audit.log etc.
It might be instructive to see if there are any denials when running in 
permissive mode.  I've encountered situations in the past where no 
denials would be reported when running enforcing (even with semodule 
-DB, other than the expected dontaudits, of course), yet when running in 
permissive mode, there would be denials out the wazzoo, even with apps 
that were supposedly not selinux-aware.


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