[refpolicy] Enable login and use the whole system from /dev/console

HarryCiao harrytaurus2002 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 20 21:11:18 CST 2010

Hi Chris,
I remembered months ago we'd been talking about enabling the support of /dev/console so that users could log in from it and then use the system as normal. At that time you'd concluded that you may endorse the support for the console device by a boolean.
While, here is the patch, I've made use of the CUSTOM_BUILDOPT in build.conf to define a compile flag to trigger following supports for the /dev/console, I think a build flag would be better than a boolean in that you could enable/disable it according to the real deployment of your system.
Provide following supports for the /dev/console:
 1. Make it able to be used as a login device;
 2. Make users able to login from it;
 3. Make many userspace domains able to read from it, so that
     the corresponding applications could be run on the console;
 4. Make relevant domains able to relabel it as well as tty/pty devices,
     for example, you could use newrole on the console.
 5. Mark it as a secure device to change the security level.
Any comments just let me know, thanks a lot!
Best regards,
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