[refpolicy] [RFC] Security policy reworks for SE-PostgreSQL

Andy Warner warner at rubix.com
Tue Mar 31 15:39:19 CDT 2009

KaiGai Kohei wrote:
>> I am referring to things like:
>> mlsconstrain { db_tuple } { use select }
>>     (( l1 dom l2 ) or
>>      (( t1 == mlsdbreadtoclr ) and ( h1 dom l2 )) or
>>      ( t1 == mlsdbread ) or
>>      ( t2 == mlstrustedobject ));
> I noticed the db_xxx:{use} permission remained here. :-)
The example I used above is from an older version of the reference policy.
>> where t1 == mlsdbread seems to imply an object is trusted to read 
>> strictly dominating objects. Unless I am missing the meaning here, I 
>> would call this a MAC override. I realize there is no concept of a TE 
>> override, but MLS is part of MAC, no? And, this violates B&L rules. This 
>> is something we would control with a Security Administrator "role". Or, 
>> is this mlsdbread something that is impossible to give to a domain in a 
>> DBMS policy?
> It is different from my usage of terms.
> Some of domains are allowed to access the tuple, and others are
> disallowed as the result of access controls using the security
> policy.
> I understood the term of "MAC override" to express what actions
> are allowed without any checks based on security policy, as if
> root stuff can ignore DAC checks.
Ya, definitions, definitions :-) Coming from an MLS world, MAC override
meant superseding the B&L policy. In a general sense we use special
authorizations for that (our Security Admin role), while SELinux has a
built in mechanism (mlsdbread)
> Thanks,
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