[refpolicy] Allowing aplication to run bin_t

Christopher J. PeBenito cpebenito at tresys.com
Thu Aug 20 11:01:39 CDT 2009

On Thu, 2009-08-20 at 16:14 +0200, Nicky726 wrote:
> when writing a policy for Konqueror I came by to an issue 
> of allowing it to run an aplication in bin_t (drkonqi).
> According to Dominick Grift it is no big deal to allow that
> (http://oss.tresys.com/pipermail/refpolicy/2009-
> August/001291.html)
> So is that considered safe and what would be possible 
> security riscs of allowing it?

The main risk is arbitrary code execution.  Many system programs are
labeled bin_t, and konqueror would be able to execute any of them.
These programs are system binaries, so they should be safe to execute
(few domains can write to bin_t).  They would still be constrained by
konqueror's domain, so the risk depends on how privileged konqueror is.

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