[refpolicy] [RFC] Security policy reworks for SE-PostgreSQL

KaiGai Kohei kaigai at ak.jp.nec.com
Sun Apr 12 18:45:44 CDT 2009


what is your opinion for the reworks and bugfixes?

KaiGai Kohei wrote:
> The attached patch provides some of reworks and bugfuxes
> except for new object classes and permissions.
> - rework: Add a comment of "not currently in use" for deprecated
>   permissions, but its definitions are not removed.
> - bugfix: MCS policy did not constrain the following permissions.
>     db_database:{getattr}
>     db_table:{getattr lock}
>     db_column:{getattr}
>     db_procedure:{drop getattr setattr}
>     db_blob:{getattr import export}
> - rework: All the newly created database objects by unprivileged
>   clients are prefixed with "user_", and these are controled via
>   sepgsql_enable_users_ddl.
>   The current policy allows httpd_t to created a function labeled
>   as sepgsql_proc_t which is also allowed to be installed as a
>   system internal entity (db_procedure:{install}).
>   It is a potentially risk for trojan horse.
> - rework: postgresql_role() shares most part of postgresql_unpriv_client().
> - bugfix: some of permissions in db_procedure class are allowed
>   on sepgsql_trusted_proc_t, but it is a domain, not a procedure.
>   It should allow them on sepgsql_trusted_proc_exec_t.
>   I also aliased sepgsql_proc_t as sepgsql_proc_exec_t to avoid
>   such kind of confusion, as Chris suggested before.
> - rework: we should not allow db_procedure:{install} on the
>   sepgsql_trusted_proc_exec_t, because of a risk to invoke trusted
>   procedure implicitly.
> - rework: db_table:{lock} is moved to reader side, because it makes
>   impossible to refer read-only table with foreign-key constraint.
>   (FK checks internally acquire explicit locks.)
> - bugfix: MLS policy dealt db_blob:{export} as writer-side permission,
>   but it is required whrn the largeobject is refered.
> - bugfix: MLS policy didn't constrain the db_procedure class.
> Thanks,
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