[refpolicy] milter-state-dir.patch

Paul Howarth paul at city-fan.org
Thu Apr 2 10:22:40 CDT 2009

Paul Howarth wrote:
> This is a patch to support a single system-wide spamassassin 
> configuration using spamass-milter. Current policy only supports a 
> spamassassin configuration that uses separate per-user config files, 
> which are stored either in ~/.spamassassin for real users or in some 
> system-specific directory probably labelled spamassassin_spool_t for 
> virtual users.
> The current Fedora spamass-milter package runs as user sa-milt, having a 
> home directory of /var/run/spamass-milter. This has proved to be an 
> unfortunate choice because all files (including the system-wide 
> spamassassin preferences and bayes databases) get cleared out of that 
> directory on reboot (http://bugzilla.redhat.com/489995). I therefore 
> intend to change the home directory of this user to 
> /var/lib/spamass-milter.
> This patch provides for appropriate labelling and rules for this 
> directory to allow spamass-milter and spamassassin to work in this 
> configuration.

Attached is an updated version of the patch that:

* renames the spamass_milter_manage_state interface to 
milter_spamass_manage_state so as to fit the naming convention better

* adds milter_spamass_manage_state(spamc_t), needed for razor, pyzor 
etc. called from spamassassin when installed and used with the milter

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