[refpolicy] /var/spool/courier

Martin Orr martin at martinorr.name
Tue Sep 30 17:02:04 CDT 2008

On 29/09/08 10:08, Russell Coker wrote:
> What is the purpose of /var/spool/courier?
> Is it for cache files for the webmail or for the mail server?

It's used for the mail server's queue.  I don't use the webmail, so I don't
know if that uses it for anything.  (I was a bit surprised when this type
appeared in the policy.)

> It appears that the policy is inconsistent in the reference tree.  Does anyone 
> actually have a Courier server running with that policy?

The policy in the reference tree covers IMAP and POP servers and webmail,
but doesn't attempt to deal with the MTA.  I use my own policy, which I
could publish if anyone wants it, but it's not of good quality.

Best wishes,

Martin Orr

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