[refpolicy] request for comments: policy for nufw and nuauth

Pierre Chifflier p.chifflier at inl.fr
Mon Oct 20 11:23:58 CDT 2008


I have tried to write policy modules for 2 applications I'm maintaining
(and contributing): nufw and nuauth.

Since this is my first policies, it would be great to have some feedback
on the contents. I would like to propose these modules for integration
in the standard policy, if possible.

If you don't know nufw or nuauth, a few words of description:

- nufw use the NFQUEUE target of iptables (and so, a nfnetlink socket)
  to receive packets in userspace. It will send the packets using a TLS
  connection to nuauth, the user authenticating daemon, wait for a
  decision, and apply it.
This is the simplest of the 2 daemons.

- nuauth is the authentication daemon. It has several roles:
  - wait for connections from nufw daemons, receive packets, apply ACL
    (see later), and return verdict
  - wait for connections from nutcpc (clients), validate login/pass
    using PAM, and communicate with them
  - check ACL in a plain text file, or a LDAP server
  - log messages to syslog, MySQL, or PostgreSQL (depending on the
    loaded modules, and the configuration).
  - nuauth and the clients use SASL for authentication, and TLS for all
The policy module for nuauth is not complete, I'm still working on it.

Any help/comment would be appreciated !

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