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This is an archived project which is no longer maintained by Tresys.
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SELinux Policy IDE (SLIDE) is an integrated development environment for SELinux developed by Tresys Technology. Some basic features of SLIDE include:

SLIDE supports both modular and monolithic policy development, and is built as a plugin to the Eclipse SDK.

The goal of the SLIDE project is to make policy development for SELinux easier.

Download and Install

Platform Support

SLIDE has been tested on the following:

In addition SLIDE should work on other Linux distributions where Eclipse and SELinux can be installed.


The following dependencies must be met to install and use SLIDE.

In addition you will need a copy of reference policy to use as your starting point



To build the SLIDE plugin in Eclipse you need the following installed:

Once all of the above are installed, import the source into Eclipse and do the following:

  1. Select the following projects:
    1. slide-plugin
    2. com.tresys.slide.doc.user (the help files)
    3. setools-plugin
    4. setools.linux.x86 (or x86_64) based on your architecture
  2. Once everything has been checked out, right click on the project and select 'Properties':
    1. Select 'JavaCC options' tab
    2. Set 'OUTPUT_DIRECTORY' to '.' (no quotes)

Installing SLIDE Remote

SLIDE Remote is a small daemon process that SLIDE uses to install policy and retrieve audit messages. It is intended to be used on testing machines only.


Important platform notes:

  1. Fedora Core 4
    1. Need to install following from
      1. libsepol version 1.12 or later
      2. libselinux version 1.23 or later
    2. then build SLIDERemote from source.
  2. RedHat Enterprise Linux 4
    1. Need to build SLIDERemote from source

Download the SLIDE Remote source

Then do the following to build:

  1. aclocal
  2. autoconf
  3. automake -a
  4. ./configure
    • Options for configure
    • --without-semange - if you don't want to support modular policy
    • if your libraries are not in the default location add paths to LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS on the configure command
  5. make slideRemote

Using SLIDE Remote

Once you have installed SLIDE Remote you can start it by typing 'slideRemote' on the command line. This will start the daemon listening for requests from SLIDE. It will display some information about what it is doing while running. It is only intended to be used during development of policy on a testing machine.